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Who are the people we are looking for?

  • Highly ambitious companies and individuals looking for continuous expansion and development to get their business progressing

  • Institutions, companies, and individuals who bear responsibility and believe in student service work and have the passion for that

  • Those who have the ability and skills to direct international students to apply in Turkish universities and educational institutions through BN

Student services companies


Languages and training institutes

Travel and tourism companies

Public service offices

Famous characters

Now you have an opportunity to expand your business in the student services field, to be a pioneer and distinguished in your area

Why BN ?

Electronic system

BN has an advanced electronic system run by an innovative pioneer team of programmers who Keeps up with the latest developments in order to serve and facilitate the way for the agent to accomplish work with a high degree of confidentiality and comfort.

The best options for clients

The BN team has accurate studies of universities appropriate to your area and students belong to. Our team always strives to meet the needs and requirements of those groups around you to make you distinguished with the options you provide

Exclusivity and competition

You will obtain exclusivity and competitive advantages and thus as long as the number of students registered increases; your business will grow

Exclusive discounts

Obtain exclusive and competitive discounts and offers provided by the best universities and educational institutions in Turkey

Long-standing experience

Exchange years of extensive experience in the market to avoid making mistakes and thus maintain credibility with clients

Precision and mastery

Speed and precision in giving the correct and updated information is our responsibility, as this is of great importance to ensure the progress of work in serving students and to ensure that they are provided accurate details that help them in their choices and guarantee that they avoid any obstacles later

Our goal

Build long-term cooperative efficient relationships to promote maintaining a competitive advantage that is of the greatest benefit to all parties

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