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İstanbul Kent University About

Istanbul Kent University is located in the heart of Istanbul, and has a unique harmony within campus, as well as with its surrounding environment. It was founded by the Unimpeded Education Foundation (ENEV) to help in Turkey’s development, modern science developments, and technology at world standards to teens in order to provide them with a modern, productive, and effective education, while offering the public a service in education, health, and culture.

Istanbul Kent University aims to keep up with the changes in the developing world and closely monitor global developments in the fields of education, science, methodology and technology.

Istanbul Kent University presents its students with all necessary equipment to raise individuals who are curious, inquisitive, cognitive, analytical and responsible as well as social, productive, understanding and have empathy. With its modern and innovative academic staff

Istanbul Kent University provides its students with job experience prior to graduation, thus preparing them for the future.

İstanbul Kent University Accreditations

İstanbul Kent University Faculties Majors

Faculty of Art and Design

Gastronomy TR

Faculty of Dentistry

Dentistry EN
Dentistry TR

Faculty of Health Sciences

Child Development TR
Midwifery TR
Nursing TR
Nutrition and Dietetics TR
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation TR
Speech and Language Therapy TR

İstanbul Kent University Institutes Two Years Diploma

Vocational School of Health Services

Anesthesia TR
Child Development TR
Electroneurophysiology TR
First Aid and Emergency TR
Medical Documentation and Secretarial TR
Medical Imaging Techniques TR
Operating Room Services TR
Oral and Dental Health TR
Physiotherapy TR
Social services TR

Vocational School of Justice

Justice TR

Vocational School of Justice

Justice TR

İstanbul Kent University Master Majors

Faculty of Social Sciences

Business Administration (With a thesis) TR
Clinical Psychology (Without a thesis) TR
Clinical Psychology (With a thesis) TR
Health Management (Without a thesis) TR
Health Management (With a thesis) TR
International Business Administration (Without a thesis) TR
Occupational Health and Safety (Without a thesis) TR

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