Secondary Certificate

Equivalency in Turkey

What does the secondary school certificate equivalency mean?

It is a required procedure to get a credential of the secondary certificate issued from outside Turkey to become equivalent to the Turkish secondary certificate to enable students officially register in the Ministry of Education in Turkey.

Why do we equalize certificates?

Certificate equivalency is required by Turkish universities when obtaining the final admission at a Turkish university.

The requirements for university degree equivalency

1- The original secondary certificate certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2- Academic transcript showing the grades certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

3- An approve of attending 1st secondary and 2nd secondary classes.

4- Passport copy (including visa or entry stamp of the Republic of Turkey)

Where is the certificate get equalized?

In one of the Turkish education departments according to the student address.

Steps of certificate equivalency through BN :

Contact with BN team at the services department to verify and clarify the documents required to be prepared

Fill out the equivalency form on BN website
(to fill the form click here)

Send copies of the required documents to BN team for checking, in order to set an appointment for the student to continue the application

Steps of certificate equivalency through BN:

  • BN helps students to easily equalize their certificates obtained from outside of Turkey through a power of attorney for one of BN employees, which saves the student time and effort
  • Students can get their certificate legally equalized in a short time.
  • BN team is expert and professional with equivalency process and preparing the student profile
  • BN provides students with a sworn and legal translations of all languages.
  • Follow up with the steps for the certificate equivalency through the Turkish Ministry of Education website until the equivalency document is issued


  • 1 - I would like to start equivalence procedures of high school diploma with BN Group. What are the requirements?

    You only need to complete the registration form and bring the required documents in addition to the procuration to follow up the procedures and obtain the equivalency certificate.

  • 2. How long does the procedures of the equation take?

    This will take approximately one month and a half is because the director of Turkish education sends documents to Ankara to know the level of certificate obtained compared to the level of education in Turkey

  • 3. Do I need to attend?

    You do not need to be present personally. You can procurat an employee in charge at United who will make all the procedures until the equivalency certificate is obtained.

  • 4. Can I register in Turkish Universities without the equivalency of my high school diploma?

    You must equivalent the high school diploma in order to be able to apply in Turkish Universities.

  • 5. If the original documents are not available, can I equivalent my high school diploma?

    The high school diploma will not be equivalent unless there is the original diploma high school.

  • 6. Can I apply in Turkish universities during the period of the equivalency?

    Yes, you can register at the Turkish universities by providing the receipt of the equivalence, that you will obtain after depositing documents in The Director of Turkish Education.

  • 7. Will the original documents be retrieved after the equivalency?

    Yes, Original documents are restored in addition to the certificate of equivalency.

  • 8. Can I equivalent my certificate even if I have graduated from Syria?

    Yes, we need to equivalent the high school diplomas from Syria first in the Syrian Interim Government in Gaziantep, then in the Director of Turkish Education in Istanbul.