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Beykoz University About

Beykoz University is one of the most modern and advanced universities in Turkey. It was founded in 2016. Within a short time, it became a competition for major universities in Istanbul. It aims to excel in all its services and be a center of happiness, freedom, tolerance and success for its students.

Its vision (Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself) …

Beykoz University is located in the Asian side of Istanbul in Beykoz region specifically, and provides most of its departments in (English, Turkish) and also language school.

Beykoz University Accreditations

Beykoz University Faculties Majors

Faculty of Art and Design

Cartoon and Animation TR
Digital Game Design TR
Gastronomy TR
Graphic Design TR
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design TR
Media and Communication Design TR
Public Relations and Advertisement TR
Radio and Television and Cinema TR

Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

Business Administration TR EN
International Logistics Management EN
International Trade EN

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Architecture TR
Computer Engineering EN
Engineering Management EN
Software Engineering TR

Faculty of Social Sciences

Political Science and International Relations EN
Psychology TR

School of Civil Aviation

Aviation Management EN

Beykoz University Institutes Two Years Diploma

Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics

Civil Aviation Cabin Services TR EN
Civil Aviation Management TR
International Trade TR
International Trade (Distance Education) TR
Logistics TR
Logistics (Distance Education) TR
Maritime and Port Management TR
Rail Systems Management TR

Vocational School

Audiometry TR
Computer Programming TR
Cooking TR
Dialysis TR
First Aid and Emergency TR
Information Security Technology TR
Interior Design TR
Medical Imaging Techniques TR
Occupational Health and Safety TR
Operating Room Services TR
Opticianry TR
Oral and Dental Health TR
Physiotherapy TR

Beykoz University Master Majors

Institute of Graduate

(Without a thesis) TR
Business Administration (With a thesis) (Without a thesis) EN
Business Administration (With a thesis) TR
Communication Design and Semiotics (With a thesis) (Without a thesis) TR
Computer Engineering (With a thesis) (Without a thesis) EN
International Trade and Logistics (With a thesis) (Without a thesis) TR
Work and Organizational Psychology (Without a thesis) TR

Beykoz University Phd

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