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İstanbul Altınbaş University About

Altınbaş University is located in Istanbul, it is distributed to different campuses, the main campus is located in Şişli, as there is another campus in Bakirköy, and Bağcılar area close to Mall of Istanbul.

The University is distinguished and known by having all of the medical majors (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry) as the study of these majors is in English . These faculties are located in the center of Bakirkoy area.

Istanbul Altınbaş University aims to become one of the most distinguished educational institutions in Turkey in distinctive and strong relationships at all levels.

The University seeks to educate the youth to be good examples in their communities through the University dynamisms and concentrating on the scientific research.

Additionally, the university has exceptional faculty members with institutional values to achieve its mission in adding value to the community and the world.

The university was founded by Mr. Muhammed Altinbas ; who is considered one of the most important businessmen in Turkey. He is known by his interest in sience and sientists since 2008.

The university has more than 24 BA Majors, 6 Master’s programs, and 2 PH.D programs.

İstanbul Altınbaş University Accreditations

İstanbul Kemerburgaz University Dormitory

The Dormitory in Altınbaş University offers multiple choices for single, double rooms and rooms for three, four, six or eight Students. Additionally, the building contains kitchens, laundry facilities, Television room, computer and study rooms, cafeteria, internet cafe, guests room and others. There are two types of food programs provided, one with three meals and the other with one.

İstanbul Altınbaş University Institutes Two Years Diploma

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Gastronomy TR
Management Information Systems TR

Faculty of Dentistry

Dentistry EN EN+TR

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Architecture EN
Civil Engineering EN
Computer Engineering EN
Electrical and Electronic Engineering EN EN+TR
Industrial Engineering EN
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design EN
Mechanical Engineering EN
Software Engineering EN

Faculty of Fine Arts

Jewelry Design TR

Faculty of Law

Turkish – German Law TR GE

Faculty of Medicine

Medicine EN

Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacy EN

School of Economics ,Administrative and Social Sciences

Economics EN
International Relations EN
Political Science and Public Administration EN
Psychology EN
Sociology EN

İstanbul Altınbaş University Faculties Majors

Vocational School

Business Administration TR
Child Development TR
Child Protection and Care Services TR
Civil Aviation Cabin Services TR
Civil Aviation Management TR
Computer Programming TR
Cooking TR
Finance TR
Flight Operation Management TR
Graphic Design TR
Health Services Management TR
International Trade TR
Jewelry Design TR
Justice TR
Law Firm Management and Legal Secretarial TR
Occupational Health and Safety TR
Social services TR
Visual Communication TR

Vocational School of Health Services

Anesthesia TR
Audiometry TR
First Aid and Emergency TR
Medical Documentation and Secretarial TR
Medical Imaging Techniques TR
Medical Laboratory Techniques TR
Operating Room Services TR
Opticianry TR
Oral and Dental Health TR
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation TR
Radiotherapy TR

İstanbul Altınbaş University Master Majors

Faculty of Health Sciences

(Without a thesis) TR
(With a thesis) TR
Aesthetic Dentistry (Without a thesis) EN
Aesthetic Dentistry (With a thesis) EN
Biomedical Sciences (With a thesis) EN
Clinical Periodontology (Without a thesis) EN
Orthodontics (With a thesis) EN
Periodontology (With a thesis) TR

Faculty of Social Sciences

(Without a thesis) EN
(With a thesis) EN
(Without a thesis) TR
(With a thesis) TR
Art and Design (With a thesis) TR
Business Administration (Without a thesis) EN
Business Administration (With a thesis) EN
Business Administration (Without a thesis) TR
Business Administration (With a thesis) TR
International Trade Law (Without a thesis) TR
International Trade Law (With a thesis) TR
Public Law (With a thesis) TR
Strategic Marketing and Brand Management (Without a thesis) TR
Strategic Marketing and Brand Management (With a thesis) TR

İstanbul Altınbaş University Phd

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Electrical and Computer Engineering EN

Faculty of Health Sciences

Health Management TR
Orthodontics TR
Periodontology TR
Pharmaceutical Sciences TR

Faculty of Social Sciences

Business Administration TR
International Relations EN
Sports Law TR

University site on maps

Mahmutbey Main Campus
Gayrettepe Campus
Bakırköy Campus
Mahmutbey MYO Campus

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