Certificate equivalence

the university degree in Turkey

What is the university degree equivalency?

It is the procedure that entitles holders of university degrees to legally practice their work in Turkey as if they hold a Turkish degree

It is also required for students graduating from medical colleges to complete their graduate studies in Turkey

Why should you make the equation?

In order for your university degree issued from outside Turkey to be approved, so that it is considered to be issued by one of the accredited Turkish universities and similar with accreditation

According to the law issued by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education No. 2547

How will the university degree be equated through BN?

First: Steps and requirements from the applicant:

Fill out the equation form

The equivalency form on our website must be filled out along with the required personal information and contact numbers (to fill the form click here)

Send copies of documents (soft copies)

Copies of the required documents to be sent via e-mail or any appropriate means of communication

Send the original documents with the power of attorney

The applicant will be contacted to send the certificates and original documents to BN office via mail (or to be delivered by hand) in addition to an official power of attorney to BN employee in charge

The requirements for university degree equivalency

1- A colored copy of the passport (or the ID, Kimlik, or refugee Kimlik (ID))

2- The equivalency of the Turkish high school

3- The original university certificate attested by the foreign ministry of the issuance country (the graduation certificate or the main certificate (preferred))

4- Original university transcript certified by the foreign ministry of the issuance country

5- Translation of the university degree + certification from the Turkish notary (Noter)

6- Translation of the academic transcript + certification from the Turkish notary (Noter)

7- Power of attorney (the text of the power of attorney to be taken from the BN team with the people in charge provided)

8- Edevlet account (if applicable)

Note: For students who hold a pharmacy certificate and wish to obtain an equivalency in Turkey, a 6+-months

training certificate must be added (it can be obtained from any pharmacy in Turkey)

Second: Steps taken by the BN team:

Translate documents into the Turkish language by a sworn translator specialized in translating university degrees and course titles in the transcript to ensure that the student does not lose any courses upon subsequent evaluation
Certificate authentication by the notary (Noter)
Obtain the university recognition document from the Ministry of Higher Education in Ankara
Collect the documents in one envelope and send them to the employee in charge in Ankara to be submitted to the MoHE
Hand over the student file to the Ministry of Higher Education in Ankara in the required time
Inform the applicant to track his application through “Edavlet” (E-government portal)

Note: The equivalency takes 10 stages

Why do certificate holders prefer to obtain the equivalency via BN ?

  • Ensure prompt procedures and legally obtain a quick equivalency
  • The long experience of the BN team in preparing the equivalency file professionally
  • Obtain translation of the entire file by an expert sworn translator and specialist in translating certificates to guarantee that there is no error, which sometimes leads to incorrect equivalency/ evaluation
  • Submit a complete file and guarantee that nothing is missing
  • There is no need for frequent travel to Ankara, as a BN employee will be in charge and hand over the entire file to the Ministry of Higher Education on your behalf
  • Easy tracking of the stages of equivalency by the BN specialized team
  • Free consultation for all equivalency applicants


  • 1 - I would like to start equivalence procedures of high school diploma with BN Group. What are the requirements?

    You only need to complete the registration form and bring the required documents in addition to the procuration to follow up the procedures and obtain the equivalency certificate.

  • 2. How long does the procedures of the equation take?

    This will take approximately one month and a half is because the director of Turkish education sends documents to Ankara to know the level of certificate obtained compared to the level of education in Turkey

  • 3. Do I need to attend?

    You do not need to be present personally. You can procurat an employee in charge at United who will make all the procedures until the equivalency certificate is obtained.

  • 4.Is it possible to send a certificate of equivalence by post?

    Documents and certificates cannot be sent by post, it handed in person or through the procuration to obtain the equivalency certificate.

  • 5. Can I register in Turkish Universities without the equivalency of my high school diploma?

    You must equivalent the high school diploma in order to be able to apply in Turkish Universities.

  • 6. Should I submit my original passport to the equivalency?

    You do not need to submit your original passport and it is enough to send a translated copy of the passport.

  • 7. If the original documents are not available, can I equivalent my high school diploma?

    The high school diploma will not be equivalent unless there is the original diploma high school.

  • 8. Can I apply in Turkish universities during the period of the equivalency?

    Yes, you can register at the Turkish universities by providing the receipt of the equivalence, that you will obtain after depositing documents in The Director of Turkish Education.

  • 9. Will the original documents be retrieved after the equivalency?

    Yes, Original documents are restored in addition to the certificate of equivalency.

  • 10. Can I equivalent my certificate even if I have graduated from Syria?

    Yes, we need to equivalent the high school diplomas from Syria first in the Syrian Interim Government in Gaziantep, then in the Director of Turkish Education in Istanbul.

  • 11.In which case do I need to pass the YDS in order to be able to make the equivalency of my diploma?

    Except for students who graduated from the Turkish Cyprus universities of Northern Cyprus. If the candidate applying for the equivalent of those who have graduated from foreign languages, literature, language teaching, foreign languages or translation majors, they must obtain an 80% YDS. Or an equivalent mark for this mark in other examinations recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education such as: TOEFL.

  • 12.How is the Equivalency Procedure for the Pharmacy diploma?

    if there is no missing in the level of education or duration or internal training compared to the major of pharmacy in Turkish universities, the approval is obtained after the approval of the competent committee in the specialty of pharmacy designated by higher education and equivalency.

  • 13.How is the Equivalency Procedure for a medicine or dentistry diploma?

    Applicants are required to provide recognize certificate for his university and obtain confirmed certificate for the diploma, the applicants will pass the equivalency exam for STS Turkish institute After passing this exam the applicant will hand his equivalency certificate.

  • 14.Is there any alternative exam for a medicine or dentistry diploma?

    Yes, the applicant can also take an internal examination for the equivalent exam recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education Success in one of the following exams can be considered as an alternative to the equivalent exam: * USMLE-Step 3 * PLAB-Part 2 * AMC-Clinical examinations * MCCQE-Part2 * Arztliche Prüfungen (3 AP, Staats examen)

  • 15.I got Turkish nationality and my name was changed but the equivalent certificates written my previous name. What should I do?

    Since the procedure for equivalency depends mainly on the name on the original certificate, the name is written on the front page of the equivalent certificate and the identity information is updated at the time of the application on the back side of the certificate of equivalence. There is no transaction by the Equation Foundation on name change after handing the equivalence certificate.

  • 16.I lost my certificate of the equivalency Can I get another copy of it?

    A letter will be sent to the concerned authorities in the event that a replacement fee is requested from the Authority for Equivalence and Recognition, and will submitted with your payment receipt. If the certificate is lost, it is not reissued.

  • 17.In case I wanted to know at what stage is the equivalency certificate, what should I do?

    You can comment on your file through the Turkish E-Devlet system or you can get information by sending the following email: [email protected] Or call 0850 470 0965 (Turkish Ministry of Higher Education) within working hours