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Yeditepe University Accreditations

Yeditepe University Faculties Majors

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Agricultural Trade And Management EN
Human Resources Management EN
Real Estate Valuation and Management EN
Software Development EN
The Custom And Border Management EN

Faculty of Architecture

Architecture EN
Industrial Design EN
Interior Architecture EN
Urban Design and Landscape Architecture EN

Faculty of Communication

Communication Design and Advertising EN
Journalism EN
Public Relations and Advertisement EN
Radio and Television and Cinema EN
Visual Communication Design EN

Faculty of Dentistry

Dentistry EN

Faculty of Economical Sciences

Electronic Trade and Technology Management EN
Information Security Technology EN
Information Systems and Technology EN
International Finance EN
International Logistics and Transportation EN
International Trade and Business EN
International Transportation Systems EN
Management Information Systems EN
Tourism and Hotel Management EN

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Business Administration EN
Economics EN
International Business Administration GE
Political Science and International Relations EN
Public Administration EN

Faculty of Education

Computer Education and Educational Technology EN
English Language Teaching EN
Guidance and Psychological Counselling EN
Mathematics Teaching for Primary Schools EN
Special Education Teaching EN
Turkish Language and Literature Teaching EN

Faculty of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering EN
Chemical Engineering EN
Civil Engineering EN
Computer Engineering EN
Electrical and Electronic Engineering EN
Food Engineering EN
Industrial and Systems Engineering EN
Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering EN
Mechanical Engineering EN
Molecular Biology and Genetics EN

Faculty of Fine Arts

Arts Management EN
Fashion Design and Textile EN
Gastronomy EN
Graphic Design EN
Plastic Arts EN
Theater EN

Faculty of Health Sciences

Nursing EN
Nutrition and Dietetics EN
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation EN

Faculty of Law


Faculty of Medicine

Medicine EN

Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacy EN

Faculty of Sciences and Arts

Anthropology EN
English Language and Literature EN
History EN
Mathematics EN
Philosophy EN
Physics EN
Psychology EN
Russian Language and Literature RU
Sociology EN
Translation and Interpreting (Turkish-English) EN
Turkish Language and Literature  TR

Yeditepe University Master Majors

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